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Group Description:

This is a list to discuss amateur radio as it concerns blind hams.  This list is also for blind hams to ask other related tech questions that may tangentially deal with ham radio, i.e. use of adaptive technology.

This list has been very high with a lot of extra messaging; sometimes over 1400 per month.  Therefore, to cut down on traffic, we've instituted two controls:
First, all replies will go to the message sender; we previously allowed replies to go to the group, but have switched back to just going to the sender effective July 19, 2021 by popular request.

The second change is that we are going to limit people to four (4) posts per day; except for new members, because they may have more questions.  
If you exceed the daily posting limit, you will lose posting privileges for five days for the first offense; thirty days for a second offense; and permanently thereafter.

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